Safety features

Steel Toe Caps

Safety footwear has a protective toe cap for an important reason—to provide adequate protection against injury. Our steel toe caps are a broad fitting 200 joule impact resistant Type 1 steel toe cap. Steel is the safest toe cap material available, providing the highest levels of resistance in constructed footwear against rolling side compression and cut resistance.

Electrical Hazard Resistant

Certified to ASTM F2413-18. Clause 5.6 for electrical shock hazard resistance. Where there is a risk that a person may come in contact with a live electrical circuit, electrical shock hazard footwear will provide the best possible protection.

140°C Resistant

The outsole is heat resistant to temperatures up to at least 140°C. The material will withstand temperatures encountered in the vast majority of industrial applications.

300°C Resistant

The outsole is heat resistant to temperatures up to at least 300°C. The material has a very high insulating value and can be expected to provide short term resistance to melting and cracks in temperatures in the highest ranges that will normally be encountered in an industrial environment.

Penetration Resistant

Provides maximum resistance against perforation of the sole by nails and other sharp objects. Our boots with this feature have a composite penetration insole.

Oil/Acid Resistant

The outsole material is resistant to most chemicals encountered in industrial situations underfoot.

Organic Fat/Oil Resistant 

The outsole material is resistant to most organic fats and oils, ideal for kitchen, poultry and farming environments where exposure to biological contamination is a possibility.

Slip Resistant

The outsole is compliant to slip resistance to standards in AS 2210.3:2019 and provides slip resistance through a combination of design, tread pattern and material.


Our Stockton gumboot is made from a PVC/nitrile compound, which is resistant to water and liquid penetration.

Water Resistant Upper

Premium leather is treated to provide extra water-resistant properties. Footwear with this feature is particularly suitable for muddy conditions.


The BOA Fit System makes it easier and faster to get your boots on and off. They’re also adjustable for a safer, more personalised fit.