Back in 1934, two brothers promised to make the hard yards a little easier for hard-working New Zealanders. And to step up whenever their home called upon them. 

Having learnt their trade in Auckland, the Daisleys opened their own boot making factory on Khyber Pass Road. With farming and industry booming, people needed footwear that could handle the rugged country and harsh conditions. 

And that’s just what the Daisleys delivered: boots that were made for our kind of grit and were built to last. It wasn’t long before the high quality of their footwear was becoming well known across the country. 

So much so that the brothers were tasked with supplying boots to our armed forces in World War II.  

When peace came, the Government opened tracts of land for retired servicemen. Thousands packed their bags and went to work the land in their John Bulls. 

It was a busy time, with rural towns popping up all over the country. And as the people toiled away, the Daisley family business grew. By the 1950s, the John Bull brand had been cemented as a true New Zealand icon. 

The government began embarking on major civil projects, building power stations and boring tunnels through mountainsides. Each project took boots on the ground, and John Bull supplied them. 

As worksites evolved, so did the footwear. The brothers added steel toe caps and moulded soles, making our products safer and more comfortable. They installed a PVC soling machine, as well as rubber vulcanising machines alongside the traditional stitched and screwed boot construction.

One generation after the next, their boots were tried, tested and proven. Just like the hard-working people who wear them. The business continued to flourish and was handed down through the generations. In the 1990s, the mantle was passed onto a new family. But our commitment never changed. 

Today, we’re proud to be New Zealand’s most loved safety boot. The footwear we produce is tougher than ever, but with new technologies that make them easier to wear. We’re always researching new ways to improve comfort, protection and performance. To give you a boot that looks great, fits great and offers great value.

Because the promise made 90 years ago still stands. We’re here to keep New Zealanders stepping up and taking the bull by the horns. 

John Bull. 90 years tough. 


To celebrate 90 years, we’ve given a new look to our best-selling Crow style—featuring gold stitching and anniversary motifs.

Our limited edition 90th  anniversary boot is available from selected John Bull retailers, March 2024.

I'm John Bull Series

It’s the people who wear our boots that bring our brand to life—through hard work, determination, grit and toughness. To celebrate our people, we’re honoured to introduce to you the “I’m John Bull” series. Over the course of 2024, you’ll hear from farmers, tradies, film producers, mothers and grandfathers who live and breathe John Bull and are thriving in our home, New Zealand.

Shotover Engineering

Mike grew up in Golden Bay, and now calls Queenstown home. He works as a heavy-fabrication engineer at Shotover Engineering.

John Bull Footwear are his go-to safety boots for work.

To Mike, '90 years tough' suggests the strength of a good brand, making boots for the toughest work environments. He says "Its longevity is testament to its quality. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be hitting this year’s milestone."



As a Freehand Film Production manager, Narelle travels across New Zealand for her work. Originally from Queenstown, she loves meeting amazing people and working in the picturesque locations that the country offers.

Narelle says that the John Bull brand is "iconically Kiwi. I had the pleasure of being involved with the 90 years campaign."

She believes the '90 years tough' statement promises "real gear, for real people."


Naylor Love

Amos was born and raised in Rotorua. He is part Māori and proud of his heritage.

A carpenter builder by trade, Amos loves the variety, challenges, and reward that the industry brings. Above all, he enjoys seeing plans come to life.

John Bull boots keep his feet safe and sound onsite—"they're durable and very comfy."

To Amos, '90 years tough' communicates quality and reliability.

Smart Environmental

Anna grew up on a farm in the Owaka Valley. Today, she works as a Customer Relationship Manager for Smart Environmental. She is passionate about working with people and is a firm believer in the phrase "people make places."

Growing up on a farm, Anna was introduced to the John Bull brand early on—with her dad always donning a pair for work in the sheep yards.

The '90 years tough' statement is a testament to the "strength and determination over the span of a lifetime. Also overcoming challenges and staying current over nine decades," Anna says.


Naylor Love

Originally from Yorkshire in the UK, Matt has been calling New Zealand home for over five years.

Working as a qualified carpenter for Naylor Love, he enjoys the hands-on nature of his work. Based in Queenstown, he loves that he is constantly surrounded by amazing views, and a great team.

Matt says that "nothing beats consistency," '90 years tough' tells him that John Bull's boots have been tried and tested for decades, and are still going strong.

Charlie & Cam
Cattle Flat Station

Cam is a fifth-generation farmer. He was born and raised on a farm on the south-west coast of New Zealand before his father purchased Cattle Flat Station, the farm he lives and works on today.

He loves the diversity of his role on the farm—constantly problem solving with the seasons and situations farming throws at you. 

Cam's connection with the John Bull brand began as a young boy on the farm when his father wore the boots. He says "90 years tough to me, means: adaptability, survival and dependability you don't get to be in business that long without a bit of durability." 


Naylor Love

Originally from Fiji, Henna moved to New Zealand nine years ago. 

Working as an Estimator at Naylor Love, she was first introduced to the John Bull brand while working in the industry.

To Henna, the ’90 years tough’ tagline represents a “durable, resilient, and long-lasting legacy of challenging 90 years.”


Shotover Engineering

Adam lives and works in the South Island of New Zealand, managing Shotover Engineering.

He has worn John Bull boots for most of his working career, saying "it's a household name."

To Adam, '90 years tough' speaks to products that are designed to stand the test of time andare built to last.


Nayor Love

Tom grew up in rural Wairarapa, New Zealand on a dairy farm. 

He begun his career in construction as an adult apprentice with Nayor Love 18 years ago. Today, Tom works as a Senior Site Manager.

He loves seeing projects progress and mentoring new apprentices.

John Bull Footwear has been supporting Tom through most of his building career. He says "the harsh central Otago winters need something reliable, durable and that fits right."


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