CushionCore - Revolutionary Comfort Technology

Iconic New Zealand brand John Bull has developed innovative new sole technology to deliver unprecedented comfort in footwear.

The revolutionary CushionCore sole absorbs energy at the heel and disperses it, as well as providing rebound at the front of the foot.

When developing the new range, the aim was to produce a boot with market-leading comfort and shock absorption features. Through a major research and development process, John Bull created an innovation in injected-moulded footwear that’s seen world-first technology incorporated into the soles of its boots.

Put simply, it’s innovation at its best.

A rigorous testing protocol was devised to ensure the effectiveness of the new technology. Insole sensors conducted gait analysis and pressure load testing, with the laboratory research regime backed with extensive wear trials.

The independent laboratory testing found that providing softer cushioning at the heel causes the heel to sink deeper and stabilises the foot, with the impact distributed more equally across the foot. This means lower peak pressure in the heel, with wearers less likely to develop soreness. As well as extreme cushioning, the technology may also help gait correction and ease pain from foot ailments.

The new CushionCore range incorporates four-layer soling technology that sees two compounds injected into the midsole: one giving unprecedented shock absorption at the heel and the other providing rebound at the forepart as you step. Like a springing action as you move off the ball of your foot.

John Bull’s ongoing research and development activity means it’s continually looking for ways to improve comfort, to match the great fit and value that the brand is known for. The boots John Bull produce today are just as tough as they’ve always been, but now also bring revolutionary comfort.