Cushion Core Revolutionary Comfort Technology

We've developed innovative new sole technology to deliver unprecedented comfort in footwear. Our newly-released CushionCore sole absorbs energy at your heel and disperses it, as well as providing rebound at the front of your foot. CushionCore is a four-layer injection moulded soling technology that delivers the ultimate in comfort. The result is a sole that disperses shock in the critical heel strike zone and provides bounce at the forefront. Revolutionary.

This world-first moulding technology sees two compounds injected into the mid-sole, one giving you superior shock absorption at the heel and the other providing rebound at the forepart as you step. Like a springing action as you move off the ball of your foot.

The special dual-density midsole ensures that your John Bull boots meet the needs of each part of your foot: cushioning the impact and dispersing the pressure when your heel hits the ground, and giving you bounce as you step forwards off the front part of your foot.

The redistribution of pressure means there’s a reduction in peak force at the sensitive heel area. Core comfort meets rebound toe spring.

And what’s more, the technology is designed to last. You’ll enjoy superior shock absorption and dispersal as well as toe rebound as long as you have your John Bull boots on your feet.

CushionCore is available in ten styles - the Eagle 2.0, Condor 2.0, Himalaya 2.0, Cougar 2.0, Highlander 2.0, Stag 2.0, Crow 2.0, Jaguar 2.0, Tracker 2.0 and Raptor 2.0.