Company Values

Built on Values that have stood the test of time

John Bull Footwear is part of the Blundstone Group of companies which operate according to a set of values that ensure legal, ethical and responsible policies and practices are adopted throughout the organisation at all times. From our people and business management activities through to our interaction with the physical environment, we strive to meet and, where possible, exceed community expectations.

The Group – as well as individual team members – has won a number of prestigious community-based awards in areas such as occupational health and safety, affirmative action, vocational education & training, process innovation and product quality. This success serves as testimony to our levels of performance and commitment to our communities. The Group is also heavily involved in charitable activity.

Our stated values are:

  • Respecting the dignity of our people
  • Active legal compliance
  • Responsible community membership
  • Outstanding product quality
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Non-discriminatory employment
  • Safe and healthy workplaces
  • Active industry membership

Through the Blundstone Group, John Bull Footwear fully supports and complies with the industry Code of Practice designed to prevent exploitation of home-based labour.

We also ensure that neither we nor our suppliers unlawfully or unethically exploit adult or child labour.

Quality Assurance

Blundstone Australia Pty Ltd is a Quality Endorsed Company to ISO 9001. John Bull footwear is manufactured to, and accredited to the Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 2210.3.

Ethical Employment

We are committed to ensuring that those making our product are employed ethically and are free from exploitation. At a local level, this means that employment standards within our suppliers exceed the minimum Government prescribed standards in the country of operation.

We take a proactive approach to ensure that the standard is maintained. This is achieved through various ways:

  • maintaining contracts with our suppliers that require third party accreditation and an associated audit regime for employment standards;
  • having contracts that also stipulate that employees must be free to collectivise and for the collective to be able to represent the employees in negotiations about employment conditions (in all cases, in practice this involves employees being union members);
  • having access to the reports provided to our suppliers by the third party standards accreditation agencies (generally this will be Government Departments of Labour or internationally renowned commercial specialists in the field) and to the follow up reporting on any issues raised in the audit process;
  • an onsite Blundstone-employed presence that ensures that work undertaken on our behalf is completed in the establishment covered by the independent auditing regime;
  • the onsite presence is also able to view the manner in which employees are treated by their employer at close hand;
  • the understanding that, in all cases, people are employed in a market that values their skills resulting in the opportunity to find employment elsewhere in the event that they were dissatisfied with the employment being provided by our suppliers.